Support 2017 Tesla EXPO in Perth

It is our great pleasure to advise that the Tesla Forum is finalising arrangements to bring the 2017 Nikola Tesla EXPO to Perth from 1-16 July 2017. We are working closely with The Museum of Nikola Tesla in Belgrade, Serbia to organise the transportation of exhibits and their display at the Perth City Town Hall.

In 2006 and 2011, a similar exhibition of Tesla’s invention replicas, personal correspondence and artefacts was hosted in Fremantle and Perth and proved to be a great success, with a very large number of visitors, including some who had come from the Eastern states of Australia and even Asia. In a similar fashion to the last event, we intend to make the exhibition free to attend for everybody. The purpose of this event is to inspire people of all ages, and in particular youth, to develop an appreciation and interest in science and innovation.

Our organisation is run by volunteers and it is not for profit, so your support of our events is always important and very much appreciated. The organisation of this exhibition is a complex task and significant funds are required for the shipping of exhibits, insurance, Museum representative’s travel costs, Town Hall renting, marketing etc. This is quite a significant challenge for a community group like us, especially in the current economic environment. Therefore, any financial and in-kind assistance would be greatly appreciated. We will recognise all support in our marketing campaign and during the event.

You are kindly requested to consider providing your support to bringing this wonderful event to Australia.

Attached you may find more details regarding how to make your contribution.


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