Amneh Al Ribaa wins the inaugural Nikola Tesla Science Award at Hampton!

Tony Granich, Amneh Al Ribaa

Tesla Forum has, for the first time, awarded outstanding talent at Hampton Senior High School. The Award is presented to a student who has a passion for Science, and who included a number of science disciplines in their final year of secondary school

At the ceremony, which was held at Winthrop Hall at the University of Western Australia due to Covid19 regulations, Tony Granich – Tesla Forum’s Board Member presented the inaugural Nikola Tesla Science Award to Amneh Al Ribaa, the highest graded student in Science.

Amneh has developed a highly positive relationship with the Science Faculty and has achieved an excellent standard of academic performance, attaining A grades across all Science subjects!

She is an extremely worthy recipient of the award having achieved excellent progress in her ATAR courses in English, Mathematics Methods, Physics, Chemistry and Human Biology.  Setting high personal standards, she approached her work with an analytical and methodical approach, undertaking very thorough preparation with a clear focus on outcomes.

Our congratulations to Amneh for her impressive achievement and for being such a great inspiration to other students! We wish her all the best in her future endeavours.