Tesla Global Forum on Fruska Gora from 9-12 July 2015

Tesla Global Forum is taking place from 9-12 July 2015 at Andrevlje in the national park of Fruška Gora in Serbia. Wonderful landscapes of Fruška Gora will once again attract Tesla’s fans from all over the world in a series of events that will be held over 4 days. Tesla Forum of WA Inc. will...

Tesla Forum AGM

New Tesla Forum Executive Board was elected at the Annual General Meeting held in Cottesloe, Western Australia. New Board was…

Tesla Forum Science Award at Ashdale College

The Ashdale Secondary College Year 12 Graduation Evening was held at The Octagon at the University of Western Australia. Tesla Forum was privileged to present the Tesla Award to this years’ extremely worthy recipient, Konrad Obara, who has demonstrated a great passion for science and outstanding performance at a college that specialises in science and...

Tesla Forum AGM held

Annual General Meeting of Tesla Forum was held in Dianella Western Australia, and new Board elected:

  • Milisav Vasev – President
  • Dianne Shipstone – Vice President
  • Flori Mihai – Treasurer
  • Joann Copeman – Secretary
  • Mick Powell, Dr Wally Knezevic, Slavica Dimitrijevic, Beverley Knezevic, Branislav Grbovic, Mladen Stevanovic, Ivan Vasev and Neb Milic – Board Members