Jesse Schelfhout recipient of this year’s Tesla Medal at UWA

Today, on the 10th of July – the day Nikola Tesla was born 164 years ago – we are pleased to announce the winner of the Tesla Medal at The University of Western Australia.

Mr Jesse Schelfhout is the recipient of this year’s Tesla Medal award, having achieved the highest grade in Classical Mechanics and Electrodynamics. The award was presented by Ivan Vasev, President of Tesla Forum.

At Tesla Forum we truly feel privileged to have such opportunities to recognise dedicated and promising students from Western Australian universities and high schools. We trust in their capability and motivation to excel in their professional life and make their mark on science and innovation. This year’s awards are particularly significant for us, as this challenging period is highlighting, more than ever, the need to invest in the dreams and potential of our talented youth in order to create a better future for our community.

Congratulations to Jesse and may he go on to achieve great success in his future endeavours!

Jesse Schelfhout and Ivan Vasev