Egg of Columbus donated to UWA

Tesla Forum donate Egg of Columbus to UWA Physics Department. Ian McArthur, Jay Jay Jegathesan, Danica Cvejanovic, David Blair (all UWA School of Physics)

Tesla Forum & National Science Week

Tesla Forum has been taking the part in National Science Week since 2004 to increase the public’s understanding and appreciation of the role of science, technology and innovation in maintaining and improving our society, economy and the environment. This year’s “Brain Break Breakfast” event was yet another success and has once again confirmed how much...

3rd Annual General Meeting

Tesla Forum held its 3rd ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. A quorum of members turned up for this meeting and an overview report of the past year’s eventswas presented as well as a look towards 2007.

Brain Break Breakfast held in Guildford

Tesla Forum is continuing its participation in the National Science Week events. This year’s “Brain Break” breakfast / morning was held in the Guildford Village Tea Rooms, 169 James Street in Guildford WA. Great work done by the Tesla Forum’s scientists and scientists from many other organisations has been acknowledged including the celebration events for...

Tesla bust unveiling ceremony, University of Western Australia

The Hon Dr Judy Edwards MLA unveils the Nikola Tesla bust by Jovan Radanovic Prof A Robson, Vice Chancellor (UWA), Prof M Bush, Dean (UWA), The Hon Dr Judy Edwards MLA Prof Mark Bush, Dean (UWA) Prof A Robson, Vice Chancellor (UWA), Prof M Bush, Dean (UWA), Dr Z Bozic (Western Power) Tesla bust unveiling...