2007 Tesla Dinner Parmelia Hilton Hotel

This year celebration dinner was as good as ever. Tesla Forum members and other distinguished guests showed up in numbers to support Tesla Forum and its efforts to promote Tesla’s legacy.   Charming MC Smiljka Dimitrijevic effortlessly hosted the evening. Official part started with a recapitulation of Tesla Forum achievements for the year  by Dr Wally Knezevic, the Chairman of Tesla Forum. Mr Knezevic announced a new initiative to establish a prize for the best essay about Tesla for school children in year ten.   The evening was a good opportunity to reveal the winner of the contest for the best redesign of the Tesla Forum web site. The prize was awarded to a student from Serbia Uros Ilic for his design named minimal (our current design).   His Excellency Milivoje Glisic the Ambassador of Serbia for Australia and New Zealand, thanked Tesla Forum for the contribution made in better understanding amongst the people of various countries where Tesla made his mark and people of Australia. Mr Glisic described Nikola Tesla as being the first one on a long list of famous Serbian scientists and inventors (Michael Pupin, Milutin Milankovic, Mileva Maric-Einstein ….) that helped to shape the world as we know it over the last century. Mr Glisic presented youngest member of Tesla Forum Lara Urosevic with a special gift.   The official part of the program was concluded with very interesting presentation by Dr Peter  Terren on Tesla Coil and entertaining uses for it (see it here).   The gests were entertained by a singer Tamara Miletic and evening has ended with lots of Latino, Greek and other dancing.     We would like to thank all the guests who attended the dinner, the members, volunteers and sponsors that made the evening possible and very enjoyable. Special thanks to Smiljka Dimitrijevic, who was in charge of all necessary preparations and hosting the evening.

Pre dinner drinks

J. Edwards


S. Dimitrijevic

W. Knezevic

The youngest member of Tesla forum Lara Urosevic

P. Terren

T. Miletic

The dance floor action

Oh my good! The winner is the ticket number one!

The number one ticket holder D. Cvejanovic

Mrs and Mr Bray, J. Edwards, S. Baxter, B.  Knezevic, P.  Terren

High Five or a secret hand shake ?