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  1. My area of real interest is to get together with like minded individuals world wide interested in building and developing Tesla’s VTOL (vertical take of and landing) craft which Tesla described could be of three shapes. Cigar shaped, Saucer and Triangular. Based on sending high voltages through to copper shaped sheets on the outside of the craft. His description of the colour generated and what happened with this effect is amazing.

    I would be interested in communicating with anyone interested in developing these.

    Kind Regards.

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  3. Hi,

    I have a friend (who has a PhD in Physics) who is hoping to build a Tesla coil. Can you recommend anywhere to buy parts from in Australia?

    So far I have only come across the ‘TeslaStuff’ store on ebay.

    Thanks for any advice you can offer.

  4. Hi,

    I have been a keen follower of Tesla. Can you tell me if we can discuss his tower project as I have quite a good understanding of its operation and need to find similar minds with a common goal to repeat his dreams.

  5. Open day Tesla coils ready to run. Trailer loaded and ready for 6am start from Bunbury. These will have the full musical backing track and sound a lot nicer. Also smoke machine and I could manage a few free shocks as well.

    Open day is at Uni of WA Nedlands outside the Physics Dept. on the west side of the Library. Sunday 10-4pm. If you’ve never seen a Tesla coil, now is the chance. Bring something warm to wear.
    Here is me warming up.

  6. Tesla’s inventions had come straight out from his thinking: with little or no prior experimenting. Could this mean that the nature of reality is spiritual and not materialistic? Tesla reminds me of the Jesus’ disciple who had made a few steps on water – to emulate Jesus…
    If only Tesla had come to work on Quantum Physics, the “science” (whatever this means) would have been much different today.

  7. Hi, I want to know why I cannot find Tesla’s work and archive easily on the net (for example translation of his handwritten works). I have read that there was no copyrights on his personal work but I cannot find anything that has been directly written from the guy but articles in newspaper. Am I wrong ? Is anybody can help me with this and provide me with some good links or so ?

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