Nikola Tesla has made dozens of breakthroughs in the production, transmission and application of electric power. There are arround 300 patents in archives issued to his name. Also, for humanity and mankind prospect, many inventions developed by Tesla were not put into patent protection.

For better or worse, with credit or without, he changed the face of the planet in ways that perhaps no man ever has.

Here is a small list of everyday items that Nikola Tesla has actually given to the world.

AC motor


AC motors can operate without any moving electrical contacts and without first converting alternating current – delivered by the power company – to direct current. Tesla patented 20 distinctive kinds of AC motors and generators within two years of his first, along with many patents for improved motor components and power supply.



In 1895, Tesla began experimentally monitoring the radio emissions of his high-frequency generators, first picking up signals around New York City and later 30 miles up the Hudson River. Though Marconi was given credit for inventing radio, the US Supreme Court later recognized (though not until 1943) Tesla’s patent as having priority over Marconi’s.

Remote control


Tesla described his radio-controlled boat as the first “teleautomaton,” the first of many robots that would serve humankind. In 1898, an astonished group of potential investors watched Tesla demonstrate his remote-control boat at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Tesla’s radio control system was patented that same year.

Improved lighting


Tesla’s high-frequency, high-voltage lighting produced brighter, more efficient light with less heat. At the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, he displayed his own phosphorescent lighting powered without wires by high-frequency fields.

Comprehensive list of patents

If you are interested in more detailed overview of Tesla’s patents, please visit Google Patents and Wikipedia specialized pages.