2011 Tesla Expo Opening Ceremony, Perth

Perth has once again become the host of major event that raised a lot of interest within its academic and engineering society as well as general public. Media coverage and announcement in leading newspapers, radio and TV programme have attracted almost one thousand visitors during the Opening Ceremony night and Day 1 only! It is already an obvious success, also knowing that exhibition will still be opened for another 15 days until 17 July 2011! Branislav Grbovic was M.C. for the opening ceremony where Slavica Dimitrijevic talked about Tesla Forum’s delight of working with other members of organizing team City of Perth, Western Power and Scitech. Slavica expressed Forum’s appreciation for support that came from numerous sponsors and donors. Vladimir Jelenkovic, director of Nikola Tesla Museum from Belgrade, described Perth as one of the favourite places the Museum exhibitions have visited on its global tours due to the interest shown in the Nikola Tesla and science in general as well as Perth being a unique multicultural society with strong industrial and technical background that uses and appreciates Tesla’s inventions and fundamentals he set in numerous fields. Phillip Southwell, General Manager of Western Power highlighted the importance of these type of events happening in Western Australia and how keen Western Power is to support them and actively take part with local community and academic and educational institutions. Phil officially declared NIKOLA TESLA EXPO 2011 open. As part of the opening ceremony, Dr Electric has attracted hundreds of people to his Tesla Coil presentation on the lawn next to Town Hall. The performance will be repeated as part of the pre-Tesla dinner ceremony at 6:00pm on Saturday 9 July 2011 (if the weather conditions permit). Click Here to read the article about Dr Electric and 2011 Tesla Expo published in Western Australian.

B Grbovic

S Dimitrijevic

V Jelenkovic

P Southwell

P Terren (Dr Electric)

B Grbovic (Tesla Forum), J Tognolini (Deputy Lord Mayor, City of Perth), C Dixon (Perth Town Hall), G Dunne (Director, City of Perth) , I Vasev (Tesla Forum)