3rd Annual General Meeting

Tesla Forum held its 3rd ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. A quorum of members turned up for this meeting and an overview report of the past year’s eventswas presented as well as a look towards 2007.

The board members elected are:

  • Dr Wally Knezevic (Chairperson)
  • Igor Jacimovic (Vice Chair)
  • Smiljka Dimitrijevic (Secretary)
  • David Sneddon (Treasurer)
  • Beverley Knezevic, Dr Danica Cvejanovic, Mladen Stevanovic, Milisav Vasev, Vladimir Jovovic, Branislav Grbovic, Slavica Dimitrijevic (Board members)

Beverly Knezevic, Branislav Grbovic, David Sneddon

Chairman cracked a joke ?

Congratulations to our new chairman Dr Wally Knezevic

Opening words of the new chairman

(left to right ) Milisav Vasev, Vladimir Jovovic, David Sneddon, Danica Cvejanovic, Zoran Mitic, Slavica Dimitrijevic, Branislav Grbovic, Smiljka Dimitrijevic,Beverley Knezevic,         Ljubomir Ristic, Wally Knezevic, Igor Jacimovic, Mladen Stevanovic