Catherine Vu wins Nikola Tesla Medal in Science at Ashdale College

After a few turbulent years with little positive news, our future seems to be shaping up as full of challenges and uncertainty. At the same time, paradoxically, we at Tesla Forum repeatedly have a privilege to get to know young people that are the signpost to the future, bursting with the energy that will reshape our society and drive us forward – socially, culturally, intellectually, economically. They will very soon become our next generation of leaders, teachers, doctors, engineers, scientists, inventors, writers, poets, painters etc.

Our congratulations go to one of them – Catherine Vu, this year’s winner of the Nikola Tesla Award in Science at Ashdale Secondary College.

We wish her to follow her dreams, undertake further study and achieve a successful career that will be both personally fulfilling and enjoyable and also to benefit our community.

Tesla Board member Tony Granich presented the Award.