Patrick Lee Croll wins Tesla Medal at Curtin!

It was a great pleasure for Tesla Forum team to take a part in the Curtin University’s Awards Ceremony. It was the 19th consecutive year that Nikola Tesla Medal has been awarded to the highest grade student in the Electromagnetics & Electromechanical Energy Conversion at the Electrical Engineering Department at Curtin.

This year’s winner Patrick Lee Croll was presented with Tesla Medal by Marina Males and Dragan Jancic.

It was fantastic to be the part of this event and be recognized by Curtin and WA community together with other donors that include some major organisations such as Cisco, Western Power, IEEE and IET.

Tesla Forum is fully committed to continue supporting the Western Australian community and most talented students. Great news is that an agreement has been reached between Tesla Forum and Curtin University to extend this cooperation for another 5 years!