Presentation at the Vintage Wireless & Gramophone Club of WA

Tesla Forum took part in event organized by the Vintage Wireless & Gramophone Club of WA (Inc.)

The Club has monthly meetings where a Presentation often from an outside organisation is made to its members and supporters. On Tuesday 25 March 2014 Tesla Forum was invited to take part in the Cub’s meeting concentrating on the achievements of Nikola Tesla.
Tony Smith showed the film “Nikola Tesla, the Genius Who Lit the World”, followed by Mick Powell’s presentation about Nikola Tesla that took about 45 minutes. It was interesting to see the wide area of expertise from the Club members, many of whom are or were involved with power transmission, grid design, radio & engineering fields directly related to Tesla’s work.

Their very specific questions & points of view were discussed in numerous areas from the induction motors, AC polyphase transmission to wireless radio & more.

Tesla Forum appreciates their interest and would like to thank the Vintage Wireless & Gramophone Club of WA for this opportunity to present Nikola Tesla’s legacy.