Spectacular science

This is invitation-only Open Day by Peter Terren for those with an interest in science.

What to expect?

Big Tesla coil in action with 2-3 meter sparks. This is the one on the front page of my website. Popular on the internet in the recent years with world first effects. Lots of different stunts. Some are interactive. Total worldwide audience on TV, film and internet 3 million last year.

New Twin Musical Tesla coils played by Michael Terren. Play a tune on the keyboard yourself.

Sparks onto me in the swimming pool.

Huge smoke ring generator. Fun for grown up kids of all ages with 2 foot smoke rings that travel across the yard. Can crushing and exploding watermelons with powerful capacitors.

Liquid nitrogen stuff. It’s fascinating. Shatter a flower, hammer nails with a banana.

Lots of sparks, Lasers, Radioactivity, UV, superconductors and other strange stuff. Catch a ball under a strobe light, have a free electric shock, try soldering, and experience amazing magnets.

See the world’s most powerful bike light. There will be over 30 displays of various projects. A lot of these are interactive.

These are a selection of projects:

Additional info

Where: Bunbury
When: Feb 21st Saturday 5pm till 11pm. Tesla coils are best seen after sunset at 7:30pm. But lots to see before.

Want an invitation?

Contact Peter Terren 0418939886 or pterren@iinet.net.au.