Tesla Forum & National Science Week

Tesla Forum has been taking the part in National Science Week since 2004 to increase the public’s understanding and appreciation of the role of science, technology and innovation in maintaining and improving our society, economy and the environment.  This is the 3rd year that Tesla Forum is organizing the Brain Break breakfast in Northbridge and spreading a word about Nikola Tesla and science in general among friendly Northbridge society. Once again it was great to realize how much interest is among Northbridge patrons for science!

Northbridge, next to Perth’s city centre, is famous for its entertainment, arts, and nightlife. Also it has been one of the first places to see cultural changes throughout WA’s history.

It is a really pleasant place to sit and have a cup of coffee. That café life began in the 1950s as a result of post-war migration, particularly by the Italians, Greeks and Slavs, because they brought with them a strong culture of having cups of coffee external to the home; the men went out to the clubs and the cafes and had their short espressos and played cards.

Northbridge’s cultural precinct includes popular museums, the state library and craft markets, all with free admission. Northbridge has been undergoing gradual change for some time now, and it’s not the government’s multi-million dollar infrastructure plans that are driving it. A home to an eclectic collection of retailers and restaurants, it has slowly been colonised by a group of trendy fashion designers in their mid-20s.   Thanks to Kostas Café in James St Northbridge for using their venue and assisting us to organize this function.