Tesla Forum Science Award at Ashdale College

The Ashdale Secondary College Year 12 Graduation Evening was held at The Octagon at the University of Western Australia.

Tesla Forum was privileged to present the Tesla Award to this years’ extremely worthy recipient, Konrad Obara, who has demonstrated a great passion for science and outstanding performance at a college that specialises in science and technology. Konrad received his award at the colleges’ graduation evening and award ceremony held at UWA Octagon Theatre.

Ashdale Secondary College is a relatively young school, this being their 2nd graduation ceremony. When asked how it came about that Nikola Tesla was chosen as one of the scientists after whom their buildings were named, Principal Carol Strauss said her Deputy Principal Tony Granich was the instigator. Mr Granich explained the process behind the naming of the schools facilities:

“When we established the College, the Department of Education offered us the opportunity to be a science and technology specialist school. This got us thinking about how we can highlight the importance of science and how it impacts on our lives. The four scientists we agreed upon were Galileo, Newton, Tesla and Curie.

Galileo for his work in astronomy and in particular the working of the solar system.

Newton for the Principia and how calculus influences all construction as well as his laws of gravity.

Curie for her work on radium and polonium and treatment of cancer.

Tesla is a scientist who I was aware of because of my cultural background. His work on electricity and its applications, robotics and radar made him an obvious choice as a lineage of todays’ technological world can be traced back to the original work of Tesla. This fitted in nicely with the College’s science specialist and technology program. We believe that Tesla is finally receiving the recognition he deserves rather than Edison and Marconi. His groundbreaking work allowed for Edison to commercially prosper from Tesla’s discoveries.”

Tesla Forum is delighted to have the opportunity to support the college that specialises in science and technology and its Principal and Deputy Principal who believe it is time for all students to recognize the work of Nikola Tesla.

We look forward to a long and rewarding relationship with Ashdale Secondary College!