Tesla Forum sponsors REV program

The UWA Renewable Energy Vehicle Project (REV) hopes to “revolutionise personal transport” by building zero emission vehicles, powered by electricity from renewable sources, charged from any plug point and viable to both the performance and commercial markets. REV is tackling the problems created by rising fuel prices and vehicle pollution head-on. The REV team is comprises Engineering staff and students from the University of Western Australia, fuelled by a passion for a sustainable future. REV provides a unique opportunity for students to learn and develop multi-disciplinary teamwork plus innovative, design, leadership, management, marketing, finance and practical skills.

Tesla Forum is proud sponsor of the UWA Formula REV – Student Electric Motorsport Project. The project explores electromechanical drive train development for sustainable electric vehicles, by developing competitive electric racecars for the largest and most widely known international student engineering competition called Formula SAE.

Formula SAE provides university students all around the world the opportunity to show off their engineering and business capabilities, independently of professional racing or academic help. This project brings out the best in young engineers.

For more details please click on therevproject.com.