Tesla Forum’s members and supporters gathered for the 2005 Brain Break Breakfast at Kostas Cafe in Northbridge

Brain Break morning teas are organized across WA (umbrella event) during the National Science Week. National Science Week is a partnership programme between the Australian Government and the ABC, ASF Limited, the Australian Science Teachers Association and CSIRO.   Science Week is Australia’s largest national festival. It began in 1997 to raise the profile and increase the public’s understanding and appreciation of the role of science, technology and innovation in maintaining and improving our society, economy and the environment.

The real force behind National Science Week is the hard work and creativity of hundreds of people who each year volunteer their time to make the events, activities and programs happen.   Tesla Forum’s members and supporters gathered for this year’s Brain Break Morning Breakfast at Kostas Café in Northbridge WA to: – Celebrate the scientific basis of the Tesla Forum – Show your support for Tesla Forum’s science staff – Align Tesla Forum with National Science Week.   Thanks to Kostas Café in James St Northbridge for using their venue and assisting us to organize this function. It is a great place they have there, we had a chance to meet and chat with so many friendly people and of course we will definitely be going back.


2005 Brain Breakfast Crew