Tesla Global Fest kicks-off on Fruska Gora!

Ivan Vasev presented Tesla Forum activities at the Tesla Global Forum that kicked-off at Andrevlje in the national park of Fruška Gora in Serbia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQYSWISJEIU

This unique event attracts participants from all over the world for its third consecutive year. The festival celebrates the Nikola Tesla’s birthday and several side events take place in locations within this amazing natural resort.

This year the Festival did start with cyber camp …….. and of course lightning…. just like on the night when Nikola Tesla was born in 1856!

More details are available on Festival pages: http://forum.tesla.org.rs/festival and https://www.facebook.com/teslaglobalforum?fref=photo

1 Tesla Global FEst banner 1B Tesla Global Fest Cyber CAmp Cyber camp Fruska Gora lightning Lightning on Tesla's birthday Lightning Tesla Global Fest Ivan Vasev Dr Branimir Jovanovic Tesla Global Fest 2015 I Vasev, B Jovanovic

Tesla Global Fest