The last day of Tesla Exhibition

Today is the last day of Tesla exhibition at the Perth Town Hall (will close at 4:00pm). It’s been a absolute success, people are waiting in font of the door to get in and see it! Expo|2011 presented Tesla’s documents and scientific artifacts from the museum’s archives. The exhibition follows in chronologically and thematically Tesla’s life and his work. The event was hosted at the historic Perth Town Hall and attracted over 5,500 visitors, which broke all records for this type of events! This clearly demonstrates the appreciation Western Australians have for Tesla’s extraordinary genius and his contribution to modern day life and science. Thank you all who supported it and attended it. We still cannot believe how much interest in Nikola Tesla exists here in WA! We, at Tesla Forum, are proud too be the part of this extraordinary success and grateful to all of you co-organizers, sponsors, donors,, visitors and friends! After Perth the Exhibition leaves for Chicago. Watch announcement about it here (5:40 to 11:00 min).