1st Tesla Day Celebration in Perth!

The Nikola Tesla Day dinner was held at the Grand Chancellor Hotel in Perth to celebrate Tesla’s birthday as the International Day of Science, technology, peace and cooperation among the nations and help achieve one of the Tesla Forum main objectives, the proclamation of this Day in WA. The event was fully booked in advance which only proves an extraordinary interest and respect that exist for Nikola Tesla’s work and achievements.

The best documentary ever made about Tesla – “Nikola Tesla: The Genius Who Lit the World” was shown during the dinner, the courtesy of the Tesla Memorial Society of New York.   We were privileged to have three speakers from different aspects of the science community to speak at the event; A/Professor Tam Nguyen, Director of Energy Systems Centre, School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering of UWA, A/Professor Andre Luiten Director of the Optical Division of the Frequency Standards and Metrology Group, School of Physics, UWA and Andrew Yuncken from Engineers Australia.   To round out the night we were entertained by two young musicians; Mark Knezevic, a classical guitarist and later, by Nik Babic with some Bach on the viola.

Professor Tam Nguyen

Andrew Yuncken – Engineers Australia

Dragana Zivancevic – Tesla Forum Chairperson