Tesla Forum – the inaugural participant in the “Ambassadors for Science” project!

Tesla Forum is one of the inaugural participants in the “Ambassadors for Science”  project. The initiative for the project came from Scitech and the Department of Premier and Cabinet, Office of Science & Innovation (www.sciencewa.net.au).

As part of this program, the scientists from Tesla Forum are made available to talk about their science careers during the year on several occasions.   This initiative is an important step in bridging the communication gap that exists between science organizations (including university science departments), schools and the general public in Western Australia. There are many fantastic science projects being conducted in WA and there is also a real need for Western Australians to be made aware of the role of different science organizations in WA.

This project is expected to provide educational benefits to students and the wider general public. Tesla Forum is represented in this program by Dr Nenad Kolibas and Dr Zoran Bozic, both from Western Power Corporation, Perth WA.

Dr Joe Kolibas from Western Power Tesla Forum’s Ambassador for Science

Dr Zoran Bozic