2019 Tesla Day celebration held in Perth

Tesla Forum has celebrated this year’s Nikola Tesla Day with their supporters. Robert Fabo was great host and program was very entertaining. Sanja Vuksanovic has presented her new documentary about Nikola Tesla and Tesla Forum and Katarina Stevanovic was reading what others have said about Nikola Tesla and what he was saying about his own work. The Choir Red Peonies performed two beautiful pieces: The Cherubic Hymn and The Waves of Danube.
The Tesla Quiz was the highlight of the night, with three rounds of questions, held in very competitive spirit and with lots of awards for best performing teams.

Many thanks to all those that put together this event, in particular to Robert Fabo, Bojan Milanovic and Sanja Vuksanovic.

Many thanks to #synergy for supporting this event.

Thanks to our dear supporters which once again inspired us to continue with our work.

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