Annual General Meeting of Tesla Forum for 2020

Tesla Forum presented the past year’s results at its 17th Annual General Meeting and elected new Board for 2020/2021 financial year.

Tesla Forum would like to thank our members for attending the AGM. We appreciate your continuous interest and support.

New Board:

  • President: Ivan Vasev
  • Vice President: Robert Fabo
  • Treasurer: Bojan Milanovic
  • Secretary:  Branislav Grbovic
  • Board Members: Mladen Stevanovic, Sanja Vuksanovic, David Sarac, Tony Granich, Vedrana (Grbovic) Koprivica, Milisav Vasev, Slavitsa Dimitrijevic, Florentina Mihai

Thank you for your active participation and sharing your experience  around  the  table  and engaging  in  such  fruitful,  constructive  and  open  discussion. It was great to share new ideas and initiate new projects.