James McGregor awarded with Nikola Tesla Medal at UWA

The bust of Nikola Tesla was unveiled at University of Western Australia in 10 July 2006 (Tesla’s birthday) as part of 150th Anniversary of Nikola Tesla celebration organized by Tesla Forum of WA Inc. Every year we keep coming back to UWA to award the best students in disciplines related to Tesla’s work and always visit Tesla and feel inspired to continue promoting Tesla’s legacy and values of scientific research and innovation.

This year Dr Velibor Novakovic and Branislav Grbovic had a privilege to present Nikola Tesla Medal to James McGregor, the highest grade student in Electrodynamics and Relativity. Congratulations to James, we wish him a lot of success in his future career. We believe that UWA and Department of Physics provided him with solid foundation that will open numerous opportunities of interest to him.