Science show and interactive workshops held for primary school children (K-6)

Tesla Forum has partnered with Wood – largest engineering group globally, and Dianella White Eagles club in Perth Western Australia, to bring two interactive workshops for primary school students: “Hot vs. Cold” Science Show and “Our Solar System” workshop. The workshops are designed by Scitech to build up the children’s curiosity and awareness about Science-Technology-Education- Mathematics (STEM) at an early age.

Tesla Forum is always supportive of all initiatives that promote the importance of a high-quality education that gives children the best start in life, and we were happy to be the part of this initiative that provides opportunities to learn and develop.

The event was open for everyone, and entry was free. Over 60 primary school students participated in the event at the Dianella White Eagles club house.

The event also had its humanitarian aspect as White Eagles raised $750 during the event to help Angela, vibrant little girl born with total hearing impairment, to overcome it with the right equipment and therapy that will make her dream come true!

Special thanks to Milosav Djordjevic who was the driving force in putting this event together.

Wood – is a global leader in consulting and engineering helping to unlock solutions to some of the world’s most critical challenges. Wood provides consulting, projects and operations solutions in more than 60 countries, employing around 40,000 people. To learn more about Wood visit:

Scitech – is an interactive discovery centre with its mission to inspire the entire state’s collective curiosity. Their workshops and exhibitions are renowned for their creative, inspiring interactivity. They engage and develop citizens for Western Australia’s social well-being, economic prosperity and sustainability. To learn more about Scitech visit