National Science Week, Brain Break Breakfast

National Science Week celebrates the contribution of Australian scientists to the world, encourages interest in scientific pursuits and inspires people to become fascinated by the world in which we live.

The Australian Government and key industry bodies like Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) are supporting this event that continues to expand and now attracts a wide audience across all spectrums from children to adults, science amateurs to professionals. The programme includes scientific displays, theatrical events, debates and a myriad of science shows, various get togethers such as Brain Break breakfasts, etc.

Tesla Forum hosted this year’s Brain Break Breakfast Function in Morley to raise the profile and increase the public’s understanding and appreciation of the role of science, technology and innovation in maintaining and improving our society, economy and the environment and to recognize the hard work and creativity of hundreds of people who each year volunteer their time to make the events, activities and programs happen.   Tesla Forum thanks to the owners and staff of the “Villa Monaco” restaurant at 5 Wellington Rd, Morley WA, for allowing us to use their venue and assisting us to organize this function. It is a great place and we will definitely be going back there.