2009 End of the Year Function, Perth

Tesla Forum’s End of the Year event was once again a great success!  And that is thanks to all of the Tesla Forum members and supporters for bringing their friends and their children whose curiosity and readiness to learn and play made the event enjoyable for all of us.    We had great time watching The High Voltage Show and Search for Life in the Planetarium and playing around the exhibit area!   After the show, Slavica Dimitrijevic, our President, donated Tesla’s Egg of Columbus to Scitech on behalf of Tesla Forum. The funds for the purchase of this exhibit were raised during our last year’s annual Tesla Day dinner.   Tesla’s expertise with alternating currents and flair for showmanship educated the general public in his time and insured his prominence in the electrical energy field. In addition to numerous demonstrations of motors, one of his well known exhibits was infamous “Egg of Columbus” in which a spinning egg is illustrating the rotating magnetic field. The Egg spins on its major axis, standing on end due to gyroscopic action.   Alan Brien, Scitech’s CEO, thanked Tesla Forum for its generous donation and gave a brief presentation on efforts Scitech’ been making over the years to find fascinating new ways to actively engage people in science and technology and to make it an inspiring and exciting experience   “High Voltage” – We’ve explored electricity and discovered the amazing world of electrons, featuring a special guest appearance by Scitech’s very own Tesla Coil!   “The Search for Life” – Is anyone out there? It’s a question that has captured the imagination since humans first began gazing at the heavens. But what was once nothing more than a canopy of stars is becoming better understood, and the implications of what scientists are finding is staggering. Narrated by Harrison Ford, “The Search for Life: Are We Alone?” focuses on three relatively recent discoveries: life on Earth can survive in extreme, inhospitable environments; there are innumerable planets; and all planets are formed from the same cosmic processes. These findings suggest that life elsewhere in the universe may be more feasible than once imagined. Also we had a unique opportunity and great pleasure to watch the “HORIZON LIVE!” – a presenter-guided tour through Perth’s night sky.  

Fun . . .

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