Tesla Celebration Announcement in the W.A. Legislative Assembly!

Hon Dr Judy Edwards MLA talking to the Legislative Assembly on 18 May 2006

“…The year 2006 happens to be the 150th anniversary of the man called Nikola Tesla. During the past month I was invited to chair the Tesla celebration forum, which comprises a group of people who are working to celebrate this 150th anniversary. Its aim is to make sure that, in Western Australia, we acknowledge Tesla, who is responsible for many of the things we enjoy in our modern lives. It was Tesla who did the first work on alternating currents and who is responsible for the work that has led to many of the electrical appliances that we take for granted today. Tesla’s work contributed to the invention of the wireless. Where would we be without our mobile phones? Some of the basic work on wireless transmission can be traced back to Tesla. Members will be hearing more about these celebrations. A play will be held at the Octagon Theatre on 6 July reflecting Tesla’s life. Other events include a conference to celebrate his achievements, a dinner and the unveiling of a bust of Tesla at the University of Western Australia on 10 July. One of the remarkable things about Nicola Tesla is that he was of Serbian extraction, born in a part of the world that is now Croatia, and migrated to America. As a result, he is claimed by all those nations as their own. Now, 150 years on, this remarkable man plays a role not only in science and technology in the world but also in bringing together various nations, all of who claim him as their own. He is a great person to commemorate and a great example of someone who has shown how science and technology can serve the modern world…“