“Tesla” Play by J Michael Newlight and Frank Tabbita, Octagon Theatre at the University of Western Australia

Frank Tabbita presented Perth audience with exciting and thought-provoking interpretation of Tesla’s life story. With his resonant voice and authoritative appearance he captured the audience’s attention and held it  through the play’s entirety. Frequent rhythm changes and wonderful stage set up make this one man play very dynamic and beautiful to watch. More details on the production here.

Over 650 people attended the play including Hon Francis Logan, W.A. Minister for Science. I believe that all people that filled the Octagon Theatre enjoyed the play. All credit to Frank Tabbita for an excellent performance and to Jeff Amaral for setting up the stage and lighting. We hope that the play “Tesla” will come back to Australia and Perth again.   We would like to thank all the people who attended the play, the members, volunteers and sponsors that made this possible and very enjoyable. Special thanks to Beverley & Wally Knezevic and David Sneddon for extraordinary efforts that made all this possible.


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